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Medzazi: The Old Bridge in Mostar

Why is the stature of the bridge of Mostar bowed?
Maybe he is in love with some darling of stone-heart.

It is one-eye Bridge, is that flaw?
What would happen if he had two eyes?
All lovers in the world have one eye.

He would not weep if he were not in love,
But, if there is farewell, the bridge is stricken with it

Since his head is on the sky and leg on the ground,
It is not wonder that one his side is on the east but other on the west!

Each marble of his gave the glow to the surface of the land.
Only eye of his got the glow by Milky Way.

The world eye has never seen that arch,
Even it looks like a rainbow.

It seems like silver arch in the middle of running water
Two towers look like two claws.

One water runs under him but the other above him,
What miracle is this? The bridge, above him water, under him water.

Thanks to Allah, we can cross the bridge at day and night,
Where in the world can you find the place attractive like this one?

The bridge is tall that he shows you the world,
That’s why; it was named as a compass of the world.

If the ant saw this bridge, it would think
That the bridge was built by giants ordered by Suleiman.

That tall arch like a vault of heaven
It hasn’t seen people or angels. This is the work!

Is there a spring which flows from the beginning?
People are walking day and night.

When summer comes, the river Neretva is weakened like a lover,
When winter comes, the river rises like the sea, what’s a miracle!

Sometimes this arch becomes tight,
But sometimes, it is wide and dry; I don’t know what is happening!

The whole world found peace thanks to it,
It has to be looked after from evil eyes, by your kindness, Ou our Lord!

Since the real bridge is the picture (of the next world bridge)

Oh, Medzazi,

Cross this bridge, but be careful what God’s command is!

(Around year 1600)

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  • Author: Medzazi (Metaphoric), poet (Mostar ? – Mostar, 1610)
  • Title: The Old Bridge in Mostar, around year 1600
  • Source: “Biserje” – antologija muslimanske književnosti (“Pearls” – anthology of Bosnian Muslims literature)
  • Publisher: IRO “Otokar Keršovani”, Opatija, 1990

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